We are Changing the Culture of Production

  • The pressure of globalization often drives the efforts to improve & become more efficient.
  • Even if globalization was not upon us, would we accept our current state? Great organizations focus on their customers & delivering better quality, reliability, & value - regardless.
  • Globalization only highlights our opportunity to improve, & still we are slow to adapt.

We help organizations adapt faster & implement change to deliver better quality, reliability, & value.

Thought process, thought process, thought process...

    • We want to know why?
    • You can emulate an idea & follow, or you can evaluate the thought process & lead evolution.
    • We do not care about short term results, we care about continually practicing good decision making; the long term positive results will follow.
    • We aim to have thought process behind all our actions.

We benefit together, or we bleed together.

    • We seek co-operative relationships & avoid competitive ones.
    • We are focused on the long term & avoid exploiting a relationship for short-term gain.
    • This applies to vendors & customers alike & avoid exploiting either.
    • Your success is ours - if our vendors, customers, & community thrive, so will we.

We look internally for solutions, not externally for blame

    • What can we do? What could we have done?
    • What is the problem & what can we do to resolve it?
    • Secondly, how did it occured & how can we prevent it?
      • Who is irrelevant.

We are a value oriented/driven organization that provides consulting, training & design services to help organizations develop their people, products, & production by focusing on process & mechanical design.

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